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Animal Welfare vs. Animal Rights

Animal Handling and Welfare – General

Improving Animal Welfare: A Practical Approach, Book by Temple Grandin, 2015
Gentle touching in early life reduces avoidance distance and slaughter stress in beef cattle, Applied Animal Behavior Science, 2012
Cattle vocalizations are associated with handling and equipment problems at beef slaughter plants, Applied Animal Behavior Science, 2001
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Behavioral Principles of Livestock Handling, Colorado State University, 1989

Animal Handling and Quality

Pre-slaughter sound levels and pre-slaughter handling from loading at the farm till slaughter influence pork quality, Meat Science, 2016
The effects of lairage time and handling procedure prior to slaughter on stress and meat quality parameters in pigs, Meat Science, 2014
Effect of pre-slaughter animal handling on carcass and meat quality, International Food Research Journal, 2011
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Auditing and Scoring

Developing Measures to Audit Welfare of Cattle and Pigs at Slaughter, Animal Welfare, 2012
Effect of animal welfare audits of slaughter plants by a major fast food company on cattle handling and stunning practices, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 2000
Objective scoring of animal handling and stunning practices at slaughter plants, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 1998

Cattle Stunning

Origins of movements following stunning and during bleeding in cattle, Meat Science, 2015
Application of captive bolt to cattle stunning – a survey of stunner placement under practical conditions, Animal, 2012

Goat Stunning

Comparison of penetrating and non-penetrating captive bolt methods in horned goats, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 2017

Humane Stunning

AVMA Guidelines for the Humane Slaughter of Animals, American Veterinary Medical Association, 2016

Pig Housing

Effects of Group Housing on Sow Welfare: A Review, Journal of Animal Science, 2014
Group gestation sow housing with individual feeding—II: How space allowance, group size and composition, and flooring affect sow welfare, Livestock Science, 2013

Pig Stunning

Time to Loss of Consciousness and Its Relation to Behavior in Slaughter Pigs during Stunning with 80 or 95% Carbon Dioxide, Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 2016
Hot-water spraying is a sensitive test for signs of life before dressing and scalding in pig abattoirs with carbon dioxide (CO2) stunning, Animal, 2016
Stunning pigs with nitrogen and carbon dioxide mixtures: effects on animal welfare and meat quality, Animal, 2012
Head-only followed by cardiac arrest electrical stunning is an effective alternative to head-only electrical stunning in pigs, Journal of Animal Sciences, 2011
Solving return to sensibility problem safer electrical stunning in commercial pork slaughter plants, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 2001

Religious Slaughter

Religion and Animal Welfare: An Islamic Perspective, Animals, 2017
The perception of acceptability of preslaughter and post slaughter stunning for halal production: The view of Islamic scholars and Halal consumers, Meat Science, 2017
Kosher slaughter paradigm: Evaluation of slaughter inspection procedures, Meat Science, 2017
Halal stunning and slaughter: Criteria for the assessment of dead animals, Meat Science, 2016
The relationship between pre-harvest stress and the carcass characteristics of beef heifers that qualified for kosher designation, Meat Science, 2015
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Consciousness, unconsciousness and death in the context of slaughter. Part I. Neurobiological mechanisms underlying stunning and killing, Meat Science, 2016
Consciousness, unconsciousness and death in the context of slaughter. Part II. Evaluation methods, Meat Science, 2016

Sheep Stunning

Assessment of aversion and unconsciousness during exposure to carbon dioxide at high concentration in lambs, Animal Welfare, 2016
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Transport fitness of cull sows and boars: A comparison of different guidelines, Animals, 2016
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Assessment of Stress During Handling and Transport, Journal of Animal Science, 1997.

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