Forms Library

Forms Library

Forms library

Below is a collection of forms, logs, audits and training tools that may be helpful to plants in improving their systematic approaches and their recordkeeping.  These forms have been shared voluntarily by the members of the Institute’s Animal Welfare Committee to assist other members and non-members.


Sample Record Forms

Systematic Approach To Humane Handling 2
Trucker Humane Handling

Beef Records

Drive Alley Efficiency Check Cattle
Head Stun Audit Form Humane Handling Weekly Audit Yards
Humane Handling Daily Audit Yards 2.doc

Pork Records

Hog Audit Guidlines
Pen Cleaning Record
Pigs that Wont Move
Drive Alley Efficiency Check Hogs

Plant Logs

Pen Cleaning Record

Feedback Logs and Tools for Employees and Truckers

Management Issues and Actions Log
Livestock Handling Performance Notification
Welfare Deviation Report - Spanish
Humane Handling at Unload Notice for Truckers
Hog Receiving Report
Cattle Receiving Report

Training Tools

Meeting and Training Log
Meeting and Training Log - Spanish
Slaughter Animal Welfare Quiz – Spanish
Yards Animal Welfare Quiz
Pork Trucker Training Log
Beef Trucker Training Log

Sample Systematic Approaches to Animal Welfare

Developing A Systematic Approach To Animal Welfare
Questions To Ask When Developing A Systematic Approach To Animal Welfare
Sample Emergency Livestock Management Plan

Sample Stunning Forms

Electric Stunner Settings Daily Record (BD)
Electric Stunner Daily Settings Record
Gun Maintenance Record
Captive Bolt Gun Maintenance Records
Stunner Gun Maintenance Record
Knocking Gun Efficiency Check
Electrical Stunner Maintenance Records
Cattle Stunning Head Audit

Sample Auditing Forms

Daily Livestock Humane Handling Audit:  Barns, Pens and Yards
Daily Livestock Humane Handling Audit: Beef
Daily Livestock Humane Handling Audit: Ritual Beef
Weekly Livestock Humane Handling Audit: Beef
Humane Handling Daily Audit Beef Slaughter Small Plant