Auditors and Consultants

Animal Welfare vs. Animal Rights

The Meat Institute’s Recommended Animal Care & Handling Guidelines and Audit Guide 2016 edition is available here. The audit forms alone are located here.

Some companies have simplified to the forms to make them more convenient, especially in small plants where multiple audit points may be observed simultaneously from one position.

Daily Livestock Humane Handling Audit:  Barns, Pens and Yards
Daily Livestock Humane Handling Audit: Beef
Daily Livestock Humane Handling Audit: Ritual Beef
Weekly Livestock Humane Handling Audit: Beef
Humane Handling Daily Audit Beef Slaughter Small Plant Hog Audit Guidlines
Pen Cleaning Record
Pigs that Wont Move
Drive Alley Efficiency Check Hogs

Member Audit Firms

A number of the third party audit firms are available to provide an outside view about a plant’s animal care and handling practices and performance.  Some of these firms also offer consulting services to troubleshoot animal welfare issue and regulatory compliance problems in plants.  The firms are listed below.


FACTA (Farm Animal Care Training and Auditing) offers farm animal welfare auditing and assurance services to animal producers and food processors to help clients reduce their risk of animal welfare issues through the sophisticated risk aversion programs. FACTA is led by experts in animal handling and welfare and has been conducting independent, professional, science-based animal care training and auditing services for well over a decade and audit reviews are PAACO certified.

Anne Adkins

FSNS Certification & Audit, LLC

FSNS C&A offers animal welfare audits for all species. Our experienced team of auditors are PAACO certified and have the support of PAACO certified management team to provide fair and consistent audits at your facility. We can also help qualify personnel at your facility to attain or maintain PAACO certification. We ensure an ongoing focus on customer service through credible and consistent services.

Ruth Woiwode, PhD, Manager of Livestock Audit Services

J. Woods Livestock Services

J. Woods Livestock Services offers services in animal care assessing and auditing, trouble shooting, crisis response, program development and training for all protein species. Jennifer is a PAACO certified auditor for red meat and poultry specializing in slaughter, transport and production.

Jennifer Woods, Owner/Operator

Praedium Ventures Animal Welfare Services

Praedium offers video monitoring for dairy and pork producers, robust systematic approach to animal handling for small to medium and for very small slaughter plants, animal welfare training for producers and packers, SOP development, gap analyses on animal welfare for producers and packers, and SQF development for producers and packers. Many of our consultants are PAACO trained.

Dr. David Meisinger, vice president of sales

Vet Sense Consulting

Vet Sense Consulting offers HACCP-like program development using a robust systematic approach to animal handling for all food animal species. This would include employee training and routine internal audits. As a former USDA-FSIS employee I could also assist companies in responding to USDA enforcement actions and identify opportunities to prevent further actions.

Dr. Kellye Pfalzgraf, DVM

Viand Group

Viand Group LLC provides auditing, training and consulting for red meat and poultry operations. Our animal welfare staff is PAACO certified. Our Subject Matter Experts include a PAACO Foundation Auditor in both red meat and poultry as well as a MS Poultry Hall of Fame Member. The animal welfare staff has hand-on experience and are well-respected in the food and animal areans. Viand Group LLC can assist you with customer requirements and questions as well as with USDA issues. Should you require any of the services mentioned, please contact:

Maggie R. Smith, President/Owner
931/607-4176 ,

Voogd Consulting

Voogd Consulting, Inc. can conduct animal welfare and humane handling audits of your company's programs. With years of experience auditing plants worldwide, we specialize in recognizing your company's individual needs and providing solutions to your program challenges.

Erika Voogd
630/293-9444 ,

William James and Associates, LLC

William James and Associates, LLC offers humane handling program development, auditing services, and training designed to enable your company to meet FSIS requirements. We are retired FSIS executives who managed humane handling policy development, conducted enforcement, and developed training. Take advantage of our knowledge, skill, and experience to prevent humane handling regulatory problems and to appeal enforcement actions by FSIS.

Dr. William James


Member Video Auditing Firms


For over a decade, Arrowsight has utilized in-house proprietary software to provide Remote Video Auditing (RVA) and data analytics in support of animal welfare applications across the Beef, Pork, Poultry, Veal and Lamb processing industries. Services are available in the US and Canada on a 24/7 basis. Additionally, hatcheries, sow barns and poultry grow out operations have been included into the menu of service offerings. The Arrowsight leadership team is PAACO certified and well versed in comprehensive models and database tools to support diverse client size and needs with customized, accurate, timely, and actionable data tools.

Mark Moshier
President, Global Manufacturing & Agribusiness

Member to Member Animal Welfare Assistance Program

Animal welfare assistance is available directly from NAMI staff experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, because animal welfare is treated as a non-competitive issue by NAMI members, industry experts are also available to assist others when problems occur. To utilize NAMI's Animal Welfare Assistance Program, email or call Janet Riley, or 202/587-4245. Be prepared to describe the nature of the problem and the nature of your operation. A staff member will respond to you promptly.