The Glass Walls Project

In an effort the give consumers, media and others interested in animal welfare in the meat industry accurate information about how animals are handled and slaughtered in U.S. meat packing plants, AMI has created both print and video tours of typical, large beef and pork plants. World renowned animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin, professor of animal science at Colorado State University and subject of the Emmy-award winning film Temple Grandin, was on site for the filming of the videos and narrates the tours. She also answers commonly asked questions in the brochure, which may be downloaded or requested by mail at It is the meat industry’s sincere hope that these videos will help give consumers who want to know more about meat processing the information they seek. We welcome your comments and questions.

Video Tour of a Turkey Farm and Processing Plant Featuring Temple Grandin

Video Tour of a Pork Packing Plant

Video Tour of a Beef Packing Plant


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